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School Overview

School Overview

School Sponsoring Body

Our school is the first secondary school organized by the Education Foundation of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni Association.


In line with the spirit of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the school’s motto is 「博文約禮」, cultivating students to be diligent in their studies and to be of good character, and to achieve balanced development in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic education.;Students will develop a positive outlook on life, be courageous in overcoming difficulties and taking responsibility, think independently, care about society, and be willing to serve. The meaning of the school’s motto 「博文約禮」is Broadening one’s intellectual horizon and keeping within the bounds of propriety.「博文約禮」is come from Kong Zi’s Confucian Analects said「子曰:君子博學於文,約之以禮,亦可以弗畔矣夫。


We strive to become a quality high school and an ideal school for parents and the community, so that students can develop as a whole person in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic education, and through service and practice, build up the values and outlook on life with quality and human being as the spirit of all things.

The Spirit of TCSS

關愛 Caring                       慎思 Think prudently

團結 United                       溝通 Communicative

和諧 Harmonious               自律 Self-disciplined

勤學 Keen on learning        解難 Solution-oriented

Learning & Teaching

With the help of our resources and financial support from our school sponsoring organization, we have small class sizes in Chinese, English, and Math to provide better care for our students and to allow them to learn at their best. In addition, we have an English enrichment program and after-school remedial classes in Chinese and English in order to strengthen the language skills of our students. We also offer three elective subjects for students to choose according to their abilities. Our mathematics, science and business subjects are taught in English. We have recruited a number of renowned professors from the Chinese University of Hong Kong as our teaching and academic advisors, and enjoy the support of the Faculty of Education of CUHK to enhance the quality of teaching.


In addition to the basic facilities of the school, we have set up special rooms for Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies, a multi-purpose lecture room, and an air-conditioned covered playground to provide a suitable environment and facilities for students to concentrate on their studies and activities. In order to develop students’ multiple intelligences, we also have a campus TV station and an Innovation and Technology Center for students to develop their talents.

Class Structure

Year 2022-23

Form S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
Number of classes 4 4 5 4 4 4


All of our teachers have university or higher degree qualifications and all have earned a diploma in education; in addition, 44% of our teachers have master’s degrees. We have three foreign English teachers, information technology technicians, laboratory technicians and teaching assistants. The average teaching experience of our 60+ teachers is over 19 years.

外籍英語教師Native English Teachers

Discipline and Moral Education

We hope that our students can receive appropriate training in academic, subject selection, further education, and conduct.We also have a lunch program for all junior high school students, so that they can study their textbooks or participate in a variety of extracurricular activities after lunch.

Co-curricular activities


The school organizes up to 50 different activity clubs and interest groups to provide students with a balanced education. Among the various academic clubs, interest clubs, service groups and sports groups, some of the more special ones are the QEF-funded Marching Band (which has been interviewed and performed in public, and has represented Hong Kong in international wind festivals in Beijing, Shanghai, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan), the campus TV station, the pop band, various uniform teams and interest classes. In addition, we have won numerous awards in speech, computer, academic and sports activities in Hong Kong, and have won awards in international technology and national essay competitions. Our outstanding alumnus, Stephen Ho, is a former representative of the Hong Kong Cycling Team, who won a gold medal at the National Games and a bronze medal at the Busan Asian Games, and was the coach of our Cycling Club.