Co-curricular activities

The Five Major Categories

“Developing Multiple Intelligences and Practicing Holistic Learning”,Our school has always encouraged students to make good use of their leisure time to actively participate in various activities. In view of this, we have set up different clubs and interest groups in five major areas: academics, service, performance, sports and hobbies, so that students can cultivate their interests, develop their strengths and achieve their lifelong dreams.

S1 "S1 A + B" and S4 "One-person-One-Director" Program

In order to expose S1 students to different types of club activities, we have implemented the “S1 A + B” program in which S1 students are required to participate in one co-curricular activity A (mainly service groups/sports groups) and one co-curricular activity B (mainly interest groups), so that students can have a balanced development. In order to build up the leadership skills of senior high school students, the “One Person One Task” program is implemented at S4 level, where S4 students are required to take up at least one task in a club or team to strengthen their leadership role.

"Campus CEO" Leadership Training Program

We are also committed to cultivating leadership skills in our students. Therefore, we have launched the “Campus CEO  Leadership Training” program, which focuses on training freshmen student council cabinet members, four club presidents, leadership student team members and presidents of major clubs during summer vacation. The purpose of this program is to “influence life with life” and to bring positive influence to the students and teachers through the infectious power of campus CEOs. In order to broaden the horizons of campus CEO club leaders, we will arrange for our students to participate in the Struggle for Survival program at Crossroads International to experience the lives of poor refugees in the world. We will also go to the Red Cross headquarters to participate in the “War Zone 90 Experience”, a 90-minute journey through war to reflect and explore the consequences of war and humanitarian crisis.

Diversity Campus Activities

In order to build a sense of belonging to the school, we organize different kinds of activities, including leadership camps, school trips, Christmas parties, and social competitions. On the other hand, inter-class activities such as poster design and ball games are held to strengthen intra-class unity and communication. The Student Council also organizes various activities such as quiz, dodgeball and bubble soccer to enrich students’ school life.

Campus TV Awarded

Student Council Election

School Picnic

Sport Day

4 House's welcome day

Poverty Country experience activities

Leadership Training Camp

Campus CEO Leadership Training

Experiential Simulation: "WARZONE 90"

Marching Band

Scouting Activities